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Morumoto Plushies

Morumoto Plushies

Hello everyone! Today I will posting about Morumoto Plushies, a shop that sells very cute, handmade guinea pig plushies. They even create custom plushies that look like your pet. You can order one right here.  On their website, you can purchase plushies that come in two sizes, large and small but there is a larger variety of larger plushies. They also have a shop on Etsy, so be sure to check that out too!

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How to Say “Guinea Pig” in Different Languages

Via Parenting Our Kids

Wondering how to say “guinea pig” in different languages? Well, you can read on to find out! If you know how to say “guinea pig” in another language that’s not listed below, comment below and I can add it to the list. ūüôā Enjoy!

French ->¬†Cochon d’Inde/Cobaye

Spanish ->Cobayo

German -> Meerschweinchen

Albanian -> Derr Indie kavie

Danish -> Marsvin

Dutch -> Guinees biggetje/Cavia

Finnish -> Marsu

Greek -> Indiko hiridio/ piramatozoo

Hungarian -> Tengeri malac

Indonesian -> Marmot

Italian -> Porcellino d’India/cavia

Japanese -> Tenjiku nezumi/marumotto

Kurd -> Miskal

Latin -> Cavia porcellus

Polish -> Swinka morska

Portuguese -> Porquinho da √ćndia/cobaia

Romanian -> Cobai

Russian -> Marskaya svinka

Spanish -> Conejillos de Indias

Swedish -> Marsvin

Turkish -> Kobay

I used this site as a reference.

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National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Today is National Dress Up Your Pet day and here are some cute pictures that we think you will enjoy (including guinea pigs of course!). Be sure to check out their official website as well!

Via Sodahead

Via Tumblr

Via Yee Pet

Via Webs

Via Tumblr

Via Technabob

Via Pinterest

Via Soundearth

You can also check out this Pinterest board for more cute pictures, enjoy!

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Guinea Pig Adoptables


Beatrix and Maisie pictured above.

Love guinea pigs? Then you should definitely check out Jackie’s Guinea Pigs, a site that has very helpful guinea pig care information, fun games, links, graphics, and pictures of her guinea pigs¬†Beatrix and Maisie and her bunny Penny.

Something that I really love about her website are the cute guinea pig adoptables (listed under graphics tab).

Here are a few of my favourites:

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Cocoa & Zoey

Cocoa & Zoey

Pictures of Cocoa and Zoey (two amazing guinea pigs!) Cocoa is brown and Zoey is brown and white. ūüôā Pictures taken by me.

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Piggy Approved Blogs!

a pig blog

Hello! Today we’ll be blogging about our favourite guinea pig blogs that we really enjoy visiting – from blogs that post daily guinea pig pictures to those who post great articles you’ll find them here.

Cavy Savvy: A Guinea Pig Blog

Cavy Savvy –¬†

Cavy Savvy is a guinea pig blog written from the perspective of three guinea pigs: Lola, Buffy and Broccoli. We review guinea pig products, pet food, toys, bedding, cages and more to provide humans with all they need to know about guinea pigs!

Cali Cavy Collective: a blog about all things guinea pig

Cali Cavy Collective –

A guinea pig blog sharing snapshots of daily piggy life. Cavy care topics include diet, cage setups, guinea pig products, and more.

Hutch a Good Life

Four blogging British guinea pigs with a lot to say about the world from a cavy eye view!

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The Guinea Pig Market!


Hidey Hut in ZebraTeal Damask Corner Curtain

Check out these super cute accessories for your guinea pig! Looking for something new to add like some new fleece items? Check out The Guinea Pig Market! They sell many cute things like hidey huts, magic muffs and even a corner hammock! They also sell tons of cute jewelry like the guinea pig earrings pictured below:

Guinea Pig Wire Earrings in White Enamel - Short-haired guinea pig

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