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Heather’s Wood Candy

After you have all the essentials for your guinea pigs, you may be thinking, “How can I spruce up my guinea’s pig cage and make it more unique?”. A fun way to brighten up your plain guinea pig cage could be to purchase a one-of-a-kind wooden accessory such as wood shelves, houses, hay holders, or even beds. Each accessory can be custom ordered and you can view some of her designs and other orders she’s completed for her customers. Click here to visit her website.

Here are some of her amazing designs from their Facebook page:

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The Guinea Pig Market!


Hidey Hut in ZebraTeal Damask Corner Curtain

Check out these super cute accessories for your guinea pig! Looking for something new to add like some new fleece items? Check out The Guinea Pig Market! They sell many cute things like hidey huts, magic muffs and even a corner hammock! They also sell tons of cute jewelry like the guinea pig earrings pictured below:

Guinea Pig Wire Earrings in White Enamel - Short-haired guinea pig

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