Getting A Guinea Pig (What you will need)

Via Yosua Onesimus

Supplies Checklist

  • Either a C&C Cage or DIY Cage
  • Fleece/Bedding
  • Food Bowl
  • Glass Water bottle(s)
  • Hay Storage
  • Fresh Hay
  • Guinea Pig Pellets
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • An assortment of chew toys
  • Cozies (optional)
  • Hiding Places (e.g. Super Pet Pigloo, Plastic Stools, Tunnels)
  • Grooming Supplies (e.g. small hairbrush, mini nail clippers)
  • Gentle Shampoo
  • Cloths (to clean with)
  • Cage Decorations (Optional)


Guinea pigs make great pets but first you will need some basic supplies to start off with. You will need a fairly large cage but do not choose one with a wire bottom. C&C Cages are highly recommended although some people like to prefer to create homemade cages. Next you will need bedding. You can use fleece which works well or bedding, aspen is the best. Do not use ceder which is dusty but pine is okay. Now the most important would be food and water supplies. For food bowls purchase a heavy one so that it can’t be tipped over easily. Then you will need a hanging water bottle (glass bottles work well). You will also need something to hold hay such as a hay rack, hay wheel or a hay bag.


Next is food. Fresh Hay is a very important part of their diet (Oxbow Timothy Hay is recommended). You will also need Guinea pig pellets these are also important you must only use pellets made for guinea pigs as it will have extra Vitamin C in it which is very important for your guinea pig as they are unable to produce this themselves. Your guinea pig will also need plenty of fresh veggies (a cup per day which mostly includes dark leafy greens with some fruit and other vegetables). Here is a great page where it shows how much of certain fruits and veggies they can eat, click here.

Other Supplies You May Need

Next you will need some toys and other things! Guinea pigs like to have a place to hide so Super Pet igloos, stools, log tunnels, and shacks work well and you can find them at your local pet store. Guinea pigs are also fond of sleep sacks which are good for sleeping in and they come in many different sizes and designs. Guinea pig chew toys are great for guinea pigs to chew on because it gives them something to chew and will prevent overgrown teeth. You will need some grooming supplies like a guinea pig brush and some guinea pig nail clippers (baby nail clippers also work). You will also need cleaning supplies as guinea pigs can be messy. You will need a cloth and disinfectant  (a water and vinegar spray will also work well and you can make it yourself). Guinea pigs rarely need baths some people say that you only need to bathe them once a year. If you are bathing your guinea pig for the first time and are unsure about how to do it, there are many videos on Youtube which are very helpful.


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