Guinea Pig Breeds

Here on this page I will tell you a bit about all of the different Guinea pig breeds.


Via Fuzzy Today

Abyssinian Guinea pig 

They can be called an ‘Abby’ or ‘Abi’ for short. They have rosettes all over their bodies. Each Abyssinian usually has eight to ten rosettes. They come in a large variety of colors. Some Abyssinian are known to be cheeky, friendlier and more mischievous then other guinea pig breeds.


American Guinea Pigs

American guinea pigs have the shortest fur out of all the breeds except the Skinny pig, so they do not need as much grooming as other breeds. They are also known for their rounded noses and large ears.



This is a Peruvian. Peruvians have two rosettes on the rump. Peruvians need daily grooming because of their very long fur. Their fur and grow to about 50 centimeters.


A Sheltie/Silkie has long hair that sweeps back over its body. They have short hair on front.


It is pronounced ‘Lunka-ree-a’. This long haired guinea pig has hair that curls in spirals instead of waves.


This breed is known for their long, curly coat. Their hair grows over their face similar to a Peruvian. Alpacas are a cross between Peruvians and Texels.


These guinea pigs are known as Texels. They have thick, long wavy hair. Their curls are wound in a corkscrew and cover the whole body including the stomach. They require grooming.


Coronets have a crest on the top of their head and their flowing, long hair is split along the middle.


Often confused with the teddy guinea pig, this breed has fur is short and frizzy and stands up on end.


The teddy guinea pig has soft and fluffy fur. They occasionally are confused with the Rex; the fur texture is soft on the teddy unlike the coarse haired Rex.


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