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How to Say “Guinea Pig” in Different Languages

Via Parenting Our Kids

Wondering how to say “guinea pig” in different languages? Well, you can read on to find out! If you know how to say “guinea pig” in another language that’s not listed below, comment below and I can add it to the list. ūüôā Enjoy!

French ->¬†Cochon d’Inde/Cobaye

Spanish ->Cobayo

German -> Meerschweinchen

Albanian -> Derr Indie kavie

Danish -> Marsvin

Dutch -> Guinees biggetje/Cavia

Finnish -> Marsu

Greek -> Indiko hiridio/ piramatozoo

Hungarian -> Tengeri malac

Indonesian -> Marmot

Italian -> Porcellino d’India/cavia

Japanese -> Tenjiku nezumi/marumotto

Kurd -> Miskal

Latin -> Cavia porcellus

Polish -> Swinka morska

Portuguese -> Porquinho da √ćndia/cobaia

Romanian -> Cobai

Russian -> Marskaya svinka

Spanish -> Conejillos de Indias

Swedish -> Marsvin

Turkish -> Kobay

I used this site as a reference.

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Toys For Guinea Pigs

American Guinea Pig, Picture of a Guinea Pig family


In order to keep your guinea pigs occupied and entertained, be sure to let them out in a designated area for daily floor time and lap time – they’ll love this more than anything! A few must-haves for guinea pigs are a few hideys, tunnels and maybe a fleece forest or ping pong ball, so read on for even more toy ideas. One of the most important things is having another guinea pig of the same sex. Guinea pig are herd animals so they like to be with another guinea pig.


Plushies, Mirrors, Tunnels & Hideouts

Guinea pig also enjoy plushies to lay on or to cuddle with but if they chew on the toy a lot the stuffing can be bad for them. Some guinea pigs also enjoy bird toys like mirrors. Tunnels are also good because guinea pig love to run through them. Hideouts are another very important thing to have for your guinea pig to hide in and rest in to ensure they feel safe. You can buy Pigloos (Superpet) or just make them one from a cardboard box.



Guinea pigs love having cuddle sacks or cozy cups to lay in. They are great because you can make your own for your guinea pigs, Check out our Cool DIY Guinea pig Projects page to learn how. Here are a few good places to buy cuddle sacks or cozy cups them as well; The Guinea pig market and Piggy bed spreads are two that I would recommend.  You can also get your guinea pigs chew toys if they love to chew but make sure that they are not brightly colored because they might have dyes in them which might be a potential hazard to your guinea pigs.

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How To Draw Guinea Pigs

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Today we’ll be posting about how to draw guinea pigs tutorials!

Something that I thought was pretty cool was this animation on Drawing Now that shows you step-by-step how to draw a realistic looking guinea pig shown below.

how to draw a guinea pig drawing now animation screenie

Another great tutorial is one from DragoArt, a popular site featuring free online drawing tutorials for kids and adults. They even have a free app you can download for Android and iOS.

how to draw a guinea pig for kids

how to draw a guinea pig for kids step 1

how to draw a guinea pig for kids step 2

how to draw a guinea pig for kids step 3

how to draw a guinea pig for kids step 4

guinea pig drawing

This drawing above is from the book, Drawing Realistic Pets from Photographs by Lee Hammond. It is a very helpful art instruction book that offers many examples of how to draw different pets and helpful hints and tips to make your drawings look more realistic.

Drawing Realistic Pets from Photographs by Lee Hammond

Here’s another creative idea – you can create guinea pigs just by using thumbprints as shown below. The site can be found here.

Via Fany001 on DeviantArt

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