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Creative Guinea Pig Cage Ideas

Beautiful under-cage storage

Cage Ideas For Piggies

Guinea pigs need a fairly big area for them to roam around in. There are infinite ways in which to decorate to your pig’s cage but here are some ideas you may want to use when designing a fun habitat for your guinea pigs. 

One really easy way to jazz up your pig’s cage is to change up their fleece bedding. You can buy fleece bedding in many different designs and you can easily mix and match them. If you are unsure about using fleece bedding you can read this article on The Guinea Pig Market’s page.

If you aren’t a fan of the C&C Cages then another alternative would be to create a homemade cavy cage. If you visit the Guinea Pig Compendium, they show you step by step how their guinea pig cage design changed over time and what materials they used.

The Guinea Pig “Condo” from the Guinea Pig Compendium.

You can also check out Kathy’s Kritters, a website that features pet stores, a photo gallery, and an online store. They offer great instructions and photos of how they built it and even shelves they built to use for storage from leftover grids!

Guinea Pig Lynx has a very helpful article on housing for guinea pigs as well as a guide for choosing the right grid.

Below is a great list compiled by Cavy Madness that links to sites with ideas for creative guinea pig cages.

combinations Dale’s main, boy’s dorm and girl’s condo
Seagull’s creative combinations
cubes / grids Kelly’s cage pages
Seagull’s condo
wood, Plexiglas Mary’s piggy palace
OinkerNet’s condo, complete with running track
wading/kiddie pools Seagull’s exercise pen
theme cages
(for cube/grid cages)
Visit kathy’s theme cages for lots of decorating ideas and tips!habitats - theme cages

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