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The Piggy Hub

piggy hub screenie

I recently discovered this amazing website called The Piggy Hub which is basically a website where you can meet other fellow piggy owners, create your own guides and read others’ guides, upload videos, and post in the forums. When you register, you can add a profile for each of your guinea pigs along with a photo.

They also have a neat feature called Pig of the Week:

“Every week we will choose one Guinea Pig by looking at the Pigs added to user profiles and award the winner with “Pig of the week”. The winner will receive the “Purple Pig Rosette” on their user profile, to show off the fact that they have won! All you need to do is add your Guinea Pigs to your profile and you will automatically be entered into the draw each week!”


You can check out my personal profile right here. Feel free to send me a friend request. 🙂


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